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Pace Through The Moon

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  • Author: Mehmoona Usman
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Its a debut poetry book.Its a pace,a pace through the moon,Moon being the witness of our lives and the tragedies we go through in the moonlight and in..

Its a debut poetry book.
Its a pace,a pace through the moon,
Moon being the witness of our lives and the tragedies we go through in the moonlight and in the sunshines.
I simply lined up nor just sentences not just words but the feelings sleeping in our hearts while colliding with the walls of difficulties.
Life could knocks us down but its upto us how we choose to get back or not.
There is a vivid worst in each how to know or there is a shore worst in each how to get rid of,
Nothing is as simple as you are nor as complex as you are,
World is surviving through the best of worst and through the rage of fire,
World is sleeping deep in the arms of broken love and deep in the shallow water,
We had  heart that is now unknown to us,
We have heart that is not even insise the rib cage of us,
Land of harshes and poor little soul that rushes,
Is no more alive in the battle field of smiles because there was a war between heart and smile nor between hate and love nor betwix peace and fight,
Maybe we all are here to learn that it would be terrible,
Our wishes in the epic world and our desires in the lethal wind,
We built and we crushed all the stocks that were stored in the weather of mortality,
Taking a long age passing through the pieces of peace and mediums of broken medium,
There comes a smooth silence because there is void in the poor souls yet surviving with flesh in their skin,
There comes an appearance to ought the silver of gold.
All these realities revolving around us till our last breathe i have compared that journey as pace through the moon because life is not stable all the time we have to face numerous phases while going about the truths and scars.

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